Traffic Offenses

These include less complicated and simpler things like speeding and stop sign violations.

Just because they may seem to be uncomplicated from a legal perspective, they should not be trivialized.

Minor traffic violations can cause points to accrue on your driving record.

A direct result of point accumulation is the increase in your insurance premiums as well as the suspension or revocation of your license or privilege.

I am often asked “Do I need a lawyer for a simple traffic case?”

I often respond: “If your insurance premiums go up by six or seven hundred dollars a year for three years, the money you would have spent on a lawyer will seem insignificant. If your license is suspended, you will absolutely regret not hiring a lawyer.”

The truth is a lawyer can sometimes make a case “go away” completely.

Other times he can provide valuable assistance in minimizing the damage to your driving record or bank account.

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