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[My Wife] and I are very pleased with your efforts and the outcome of our case. We thank you for your candid and realistic counsel, unwavering determination, and empathy to our situation. You’ve demonstrated true professionalism in attaining the best result to our very challenging circumstance. We are grateful.
We sincerely wish you and your family a happy holiday season and the very best to you in your personal and professional pursuits. Thank you.

R & J, K

Not Just a Speeding Ticket!
Cullen Burke Listened to Me.

My daughter was stopped for speeding on the way from Easton to Ocean City. Due to her past infractions and two DUIs, as a father I was worried that she couldn’t get a fair hearing being a young person with a blemished record. I called several attorneys. I was referred to Mr. Burke by a prominent Baltimore City attorney. I read testimonials on his website which basically said he was head and shoulders above his peers. On the first phone call, he gave me and my daughter confidence he would do everything in his power to ensure a fair outcome. Charges were dismissed. In Ocean City there is only one name you need to know and that is Cullen Burke.

G S / Business Owner

I Highly Recommend His Services

Mr. Burke was professional, kind, and truly cared about my case and especially me. He made me feel comfortable in a scary situation. I truly appreciated his knowledge, and his professionalism. I would highly recommend his services.

Anonymous at Client's Request

So Glad I Called Him

Getting a DUI was probably the most heartbreaking, nerve-wrecking, and most miserable thing that has ever happened in my entire life. Cullen Burke and Tiffanie made the experience A LOT less painful and the got me the BEST outcome for my situation. I Did NOT lose my license and walked away better than most with a DUI arrest. I highly recommend Mr. Burke and his team to anyone in my shoes. He tells you how it is, which is more comforting than you would think. So glad I called him but hopefully will never see him AGAIN! ? Thank you both for everything.


10 X Better!

He is ten times better than the rest. He knows everyone in the court system. He is well-respected and the man you want in your corner. He knows how to protect client rights…

Ms. Angela T.

Even Good People Need Help with The Law

I can certainly attest to Cullen’s ability as an attorney. I have retained him on two separate occasions, (Not one of my proudest moments – I was foolish enough to get a couple of DUIs). Cullen not only took great care in navigating me through a very difficult situation, but took time to explain the entire process. He presented different scenarios so I could make the best informed decision for myself. I believe that in both cases, he helped me attain the best possible outcome. He also helped me to understand that even good people sometimes need help with the Law.

Anonymous at Client's Request

The Best Around!

I would like to say you are the best around and you get the job done…

Anonymous at client's request


I found Mr. Burke to be meticulous in his preparation and flawless in his execution of my case. I could not be more pleased.


Great Results!

Very glad to have service at such high level. Reasonably priced, on time and well-coordinated actions that lead to great results. Highly recommend to everybody who needs help about their opened DUI cases.

Anonymous at Client's Request

Favorable Result!

Dear Mr Burke:
I would like to personally thank you for the way you and your staff handled my son’s recent court case. All of our questions leading up to the court date were responded to in a very timely manner. You and your staff were extremely helpful throughout the entire process and eased an otherwise stressful situation. The case progressed exactly as you had anticipated, with a very favorable result based on the circumstances.