Traffic Offenses

These include less complicated and simpler things like speeding and stop sign violations. Just because they may seem to be uncomplicated from a legal perspective, they should not be trivialized. Minor traffic violations can cause points to accrue on your driving record. A direct result of point accumulation is the increase in your insurance premiums […]


Have you been charged with THEFT? Cullen Burke, Esq. (410) 723-6500 | Office Number Judges in the jurisdictions where I practice take theft cases very seriously. It is not uncommon for jail sentences to be imposed. Don’t fool yourself by thinking “It was only a $20 T-Shirt…I won’t go to jail. That’s such a petty […]

Drug & Narcotic Offenses

DRUGS AND NARCOTICS – I know: you were just trying to have a little fun and blow off some steam, right? Or…you’re just the courier or “little fish” and should just receive a “slap on the wrist.” Well, in case you haven’t seen a pattern by now, Drug cases are prosecuted and taken seriously on […]

Sex Crimes

SEX CRIMES – It goes without saying that these crimes are not always what they appear. But it also goes without saying that these types of charges are handled very carefully by the State. You can expect everything you say in your defense to be treated with suspicion…and everything the alleged victim says to be […]

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Cullen Burke Biography

Get to Know Mr. Cullen Burke, ESQ Mr. Burke was born in New York City. In the 1960s, when Mr. Burke was a young boy, his father started opening businesses in Ocean City, Maryland. Originally these were seasonal businesses, operating only in the summer. Eventually, they became year-round operations, including retail stores, restaurants, and commercial […]


Below are links to courthouses and the MVA on the Lower Eastern Shore which includes Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset Counties. They are listed according to County, type and location. If you click on the link to each courthouse we will provide you a page with map, location, photos and other useful information to help make YOUR navigation […]